We often try to work through the most difficult things in our lives alone. For many of us that strategy doesn’t work. When you are able to give words to sorrow and be heard by someone who is fully attentive and attuned to you, you are more able to live a fuller and more joyful life. I am an experienced and compassionate therapist and have been helping people live more consciously and creatively for over 20 years. My hope is that every person who enters my office will find a safe space to grow and become his or her best self.

Robin Raina Benjamin
Robin Raina Benjamin

My specialties include:

Creating better relationships
Recovery from heartbreak
Life after divorce
The emergence of a stronger and more resilient best self
Developing more self confidence and capability
Negotiating life transitions (including teens leaving for college)
Working through self limiting beliefs
Finding self compassion

More issues: Working with anxiety and depression, career goals,
life couching, marital and premarital, parenting, infidelity, men’s issues, women’s issues, self esteem, gay and lesbian, emotional and spiritual support groups.