Talk is still the best medicine: We often try to work through the most difficult things in our lives alone. When you are able to say enough to someone who is fully attentive and attuned to you, you are more able to have something new. I help people talk, to suffer less, and to live more consciously with more creativity and ease.

Robin Raina Benjamin
Robin Raina Benjamin

I am an experienced and compassionate therapist. My specialties include: creating and sustaining better relationships, recovery from life’s losses, the emergence of a stronger and more centered self, greater capacity at school or at work, working through anxiety and depression, finding self compassion, and resolving couples and parenting issues.

My work with patients is dedicated to helping them work through self limiting beliefs and fears that they may have carried with them since childhood, to grow in their ability to know themselves and others, to communicate more effectively, to strengthen their self-esteem, their competency and confidence and to become more resilient and courageous in their lives.


  • Creating better relationships within the family and in the world
  • Recovery from early or recent heartbreak
  • The emergence of a stronger, more secure and resilient self
  • The ability to work through anxiety and depression
  • Supporting parents in their desire to help their children
  • Helping therapists deepen and expand their practice

More issues: Adoption, Child or Adolescent, Divorce, Infertility, Spirituality, Anxiety, Chronic Pain or Illness, Grief, Parenting, Impulse Control Disorders, Gay/Lesbian Issues, Group Therapy

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