About Robin Raina Benjamin

My hope is that every person who enters my office will find it a safe space to talk, to know themselves and to grow and to live with less suffering and more happiness and ease.

In my life I was graced with two wonderful paths towards healing, growth and knowing—modern psychoanalysis and meditation. The first taught me how to reflect on my own life story and in so doing to become more whole, capable and authentic. The latter gave me an expanded awareness and a felt sense that we are all interconnected with all life and at our deepest level the same.

I believe that no one can truly be free, healthy, and whole until they have unburdened themselves of their story and been received with complete acceptance and without judgement. This is the work of psychoanalysis. And this is what I do.

The work of meditation transcends the story completely, arriving at a state of freedom and joy. And this is what I seek.

My practice is in Key Biscayne, Florida, and I am available for telephone consultations with individuals and therapists.