Marriage and Couples Counseling

moon starsCouples have a unique attachment that makes distance or conflict between them more painful than in any other relationship. I work with all couples, married or unmarried, newly connecting or together for years.

MY GOAL is to help couples achieve a transformative shift and to end the suffering that accompanies a strained relationship.

OUR LIFE STORY informs our current relationships with unconscious patterns that often take on lives of their own. Making these connections often leads to understanding, healing and change.

COUPLES CAN LEARN to communicate more authentically, and less critically, asking for what they need, and expressing feelings of disappointment, of love and longing, understanding and forgiveness.

The simple act of talking often provides an extraordinary healing effect and assists couples in finding their their way back to love and connection.


I promise to truly listen to you and help you and your partner achieve a more loving, fulfilling life together.