Parenting and Family Counseling

Although we come into the world as a unique bundle of personality and potential, the influences of childhood profoundly affect our lifelong patterns of health, resilience and satisfaction. In other words, what affects us in childhood shapes us for the rest of our life.

family of planet and stars in harmony

I help parents become more connected with who their child is and what they need, both in the home and in the world.

I also work with parents to become more self confident in their role, to break generational patterns that are in the way of love, healing and growth–and to forgive themselves for being imperfect.

RAISING CHILDREN can be exhilarating and wonderful, but it also can be difficult and overwhelming.  Through parent consultations, and family meetings, I am here to support parents and children through the many difficult challenges that arise.


I promise to truly listen to you and help your family grow together – instead of apart.