Client testimonials:

“I have worked with Robin Raina Benjamin in a few different capacities for close to 10 years now. I have experienced her guidance in a group training format as well as professional consultation and even 1:1 therapy. I have consistently found her to be extremely wise and deeply compassionate.  She has an impressive foundation of training in the modern psychoanalytic orientation which she draws on with ease and sensitivity to meet the needs of the people she works with. She is deeply committed to her own personal growth and brings a spiritual perspective which I found quite helpful on my own path of growth and development. I highly recommend working with Robin in the many roles that she offers support.”

“I have learned so much about myself and my practice working with Robin. Through our work together, I have grown to be the therapist that I have always aspired to be. She is the most dynamic supervisor that I have ever worked with, and I have been  a therapist  for over twenty years. Robin is kind and nurturing in her approach and intuitive in the way she supervises. In my opinion, she has taught me and offered me the opportunity to challenge myself and to move my practice forward.”

“Robin Benjamin has been a mentor and supervisor in my psychoanalytic practice since its inception. Over the years I have participated in several telecourses led by robin. Her teaching skills surpass so many others in the field. Her endless support has enriched my practice immeasurably. robin’s guidance, both professionally and personally, continues to be invaluable and I consider her a cherished asset in my life.”

“Robin, I so appreciate our various kinds of work together. Your empathy and support make it safe to focus on core issues where I can continue to grow. Your caring insight creates a space where pain and challenges can be transformed into something meaningful that came be passed forward in my life and therapeutic relationships. Your contributions to classes is creative, assertive, and inspiring. I deeply appreciate all you have contributed to my life.”

“I’ve been seeing Robin for anxiety and depression for a long time and she is very positive in counseling during troubling times. She is an expert on the field with a lot of experience. I feel better every time I see her.”

“Robin has been a guide and mentor to me for 6 years. I have participated in group and individual supervision, individual treatment and a class. I’ve learned that being a good therapist, or good at life for that matter, is not about having all the answers ahead of time. Often it is not possible to know the ‘best move’ and there may not be a ‘right way.’ Instead I’ve learned to be confident enough to know I will work it out, confident enough to be open, flexible and uncomfortable. Allowing myself to move forward with less fear, less insecurity, less self-judgement and less self-imposed pressure. The work has been a freeing experience both personally and professionally.”

“I have been receiving clinical supervision from Robin Benjamin for the past five years. I also participated in an 8 week workshop that she facilitated on healing sibling relationships; which was very helpful for me in healing the relationship with my sister. Robin has a wealth of knowledge and experience along with her natural abilities to intuit and empathize. As a supervisor and teacher she is collegiate in her style; inviting all members to equally share their thoughts and feelings on any given case or situation.

The benefits of the supervision have been numerous including:
* helping me to get unstuck with client’s process and giving me fresh eyes and ears to enhance the therapeutic process
* teaching me relevant theories and past experiences to also help me gain new insights
* understanding how my own personal issues interface with a client that keeps me limited in my skills to help them
* support in my own self-care which ultimately helps my clients
* helping me to listen to my own voice and become the best therapist I can be.

In addition it has been especially important to me that Robin is open and appreciative of the spiritual life for me and my clients.”

“As a supervisor, Robin is attuned to me as well as to the patients I am working with. I’ve been blessed to have the benefit of both Robin’s wisdom and her decades of experience as she listens to me express my thoughts and feelings about my work. Robin responds to me in ways that deepen my understanding, and cultivate my clinical skills. It seems to me that Robin was born to nurture.”

“Since being with Robin I have overcome emotional and behavioral obstacles, anytime I reflect on where I was and where I am today, it’s amazing the goals that therapy has helped me reach. It may be difficult to talk every week or every other week but knowing I will reap the rewards keeps me going.”

“As both my analyst and supervisor, Robin’s patience, kindness and presence, as well as her deep understanding of modern psychoanalysis and her commitment to spiritual growth, have lead to both my growth as an individual as well as increased depth in my work as a therapist in private practice.”

“I will be forever grateful for the time I’ve spent working with Robin. She has been my therapist for years, and during this time she has helped me in numerous ways — everything from dealing with difficult, conflictual interpersonal situations, to facing and surviving a serious illness, to pursuing a hobby that is becoming a second career. In each of these situations, Robin provided me with support, a good reality check, and appropriate feedback and encouragement. As she has said in our sessions, therapy is about helping the patient become more of who they are and who they want to be. This is a perfect description of what Robin has helped me to do. As a result of our work together, I am a happier, more confident, and creative person.”