Therapy Groups

In addition to individual and couples therapy I run weekly therapy groups, and supervision groups for therapists.

Weekly Therapy Groups

Groups are a wonderful tool and a complement to individual work. They enable participants to grow in their ability to know themselves and others, to communicate more effectively, to strengthen their self-esteem, their competency and confidence and to become more resilient and courageous in their lives.

Ongoing Weekly Therapy Groups

Group members share their emotional life stories, are helped to put their thoughts and feelings into words and to resolve the issues and obstacles that are in the way of living with more satisfaction and success. See Women in Transition 6-Week Group – starts in September 2017.

Supervision Groups for Therapists

Group members work together to understand their patients and their own work with them. They are helped to combine theory and technique in ways that resolve both the patient’s and the therapist’s resistance to change and growth. These groups also address the therapist’s desire ┬áto have a more vibrant practice and a more expansive life.